Wendy's Made Me Eat Kimchi

May 27, 2017

Photo: choiskimchi
I love Korean food, except Kimchi. I know it's a staple dish in Korea and a Korean dining experience wouldn't be complete without it but it really didn’t suit my palate. I tried it once or twice but I ended up drinking more water to wash away its pungent taste in my mouth.

I don't like Kimchi, but this one's a game changer 

I thought I'd never like it, but Wendy’s has recently made a buzz about their new Kimchi Chicken Fillet and Kimchi Loaded Fries. My friends would gush how good Wendy’s kimchi fries is every time we’d pass by a Wendy’s branch. It’s really not surprising that #WendysGoesKorean this time since people are raving about K-Dramas and K-Pop nowadays. I think it’s the perfect timing to put the Korean flavor in their menu. 

Not your usual boring burger
So, the-girl-that-cannot-eat-Kimchi gave in to her curiosity. For only PHP120, you can have Kimchi Chicken Fillet (PHP65) and Kimchi Loaded Fries (PHP55). The verdict? The rumors are true. Wendy’s kimchi burger and fries are the bomb! 

Both Wendy’s Kimchi Chicken Fillet and Kimchi Loaded Fries are so flavorful but not too spicy. My top pick is the kimchi fries smothered in thick kimchi sauce and crispy bacon bits. Its mouthwatering goodness made me finish it within five minutes until the last bacon bit! 

HEAVEN on a plate!
As expected, Wendy’s has done a great job in putting a spin on their burgers. The-girl-that-cannot-eat-Kimchi now has a new favorite go-to meal – Wendy’s Kimchi Chicken Fillet and Kimchi Loaded Fries. Mga bes, hindi nakaka-umay! 

Still not convinced? Go to a Wendy’s branch near you and see for yourself. 😉

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