Chasing Waterfalls in Luisiana, Laguna (HULUGAN + TALAY FALLS)

January 29, 2016

Can't take my eyes off of Hulugan Falls.

Saan umabot ang 500 pesos ko? Sa Hulugan at Talay Falls, hanggang makauwi sa Pasay. J

When I hear Laguna, I think of Pagsanjan Falls, Mt Makiling and the swimming-pool-laden town of Pansol. This province is truly blessed with wonders of nature - add its number of waterfalls aside from the popular seven lakes, mountains and yeah, resorts.

The favorite photo spot.

Posts about Hinulugan Falls on social media spread like wildfire and as a result, the not-so-known town of Luisiana suddenly became a quick getaway for travelers. I asked Kuya Arlon, our tour guide, about the sudden influx of tourists in their place. He said that Hulugan Falls became famous only last year, October to be exact, and they're surprised that tourists flock their place every weekend since then. He mentioned that almost a thousand visitors went there last Saturday.

The upper part of Talay Falls.
The second cascade of Talay Falls.

The campsite en route to Hulugan Falls. These trees make us look like ants. Haha!

Along the way, I’ve seen parents with their kids clinging on their back. But if you ask me, I won’t advise this place for under 10-year-olds because the latter part of the trail is steep, muddy and rocky. Good thing that locals managed to put bamboo stalks along the trail for support.

First glimpse of Hulugan Falls, almost there!

My first impression of Hulugan Falls? It resembles a huge drape of water curtain. It seems like it’s as high as Bomod-Ok Falls in Sagada, but wider. Kuya Arlon said that Hulugan Falls gets dry during summer, so I guess the weekend frenzy in their barangay would tone down for a while.

Our tour guide, Kuya Arlon.
I'm just quite disappointed that the water at the pool area was kind of brownish at that time because it rained the other day. 

First time to get so close to a rainbow AND to see it in full circle! 

The best part of the trip is to get a whole body of water massage!


8am– DLTB BUS to Sta. Cruz, Laguna.
11am – ETA Sta. Cruz. Buy some food and ride a jeep to Hulugan Falls
11:30am – ETA Hulugan Falls. You can walk or ride a tricycle to the Barangay Hall for registration and tour guide.
12nn – start trek
1pm – ETA Talay Falls, we didn’t swim here; we just took some photos and rest for a while.
2pm – ETA Hulugan Falls
4pm – ETD back to the barangay. Some homes offer a bath for Php15. There are many canteens and sari-sari stores as well so you can rest and eat after a long day of hike.

P.S. Other tourists include Aliw Falls in their trip which is an hour ride from the area. We’ll visit all three when we get back there and this post will be updated! J
  • DLTB BUS from Pasay to Sta. Cruz, Laguna – Php140 (around 3hrs)
  • NOTE: If from Alabang, there are vans/buses bound to Sta. Cruz at South Station, van fare costs Php100
  • Jeep to Hulugan Falls – Php25 (30mins)
  • Tricycle to Barangay Hall – Php10 (10mins)
  • Registration Fee – Php15
  • Tour Guide contribution – 100 (no particular amount)
  • Shower Fee - Php15
  • Tricycle from Barangay Hall to the waiting shed - Php10
  • Jeep back to Sta. Cruz – Php25
  • Bus to Buendia, Pasay – Php140
TOTAL - Php480

P.S. I suggest that you should leave early to avoid traffic and trail congestion. We arrived at around lunch time and there were a lot of trekkers waiting for tour guides. If you are only two to four in your group, you can join another small group because accredited tour guides are limited. You can also bring your own food and water to curb expenses. J

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  1. hi,
    I'm really into visiting Hulugan Falls can you give me the number of your guide?
    Thanks. :)

    1. Hi Mitch! Thanks for dropping by :)

      I don't have the number of our tour guide there BUT tour guides are stationed at the barangay hall. After the registration, the barangay captain or secretary will assign a tour guide for your group. :)

  2. Is there any lodging houses po ba

    1. Hello! Thanks for dropping by :)
      As far as I know, there isn't any lodging houses in the area BUT you can pitch a tent and camp overnight. :) I don't have any idea about the camping fee, though. I guess it might be not more than Php500 per group overnight?

  3. Wonderful place, however don't wear your favorite kicks for trekking