Tay Miloy’s Inn: Budget Accommodation in El Nido

November 06, 2015

"The Cheapest Accommodation in El Nido," as posted in Tay Miloy’s Facebook Page.

I’ve learned Tay Miloy’s Inn from a friend and other people who also visited El Nido in the cheapest way. I’ve seen some foreign shoestring travelers who also checked-in there when we arrived. Its location is just a few meters away from canteens, souvenir shops, fine restaurants, diving centers, and Bacuit Bay.

It looks like a typical house converted into a hostel. The rooms are small, just suitable for sleeping, and free breakfast is served the next day. It has a balcony and there's a separate CR for twin-sharing rooms which cost 400 pesos/night. Family rooms have their own bathroom. They also offer tour packages which already include a lunch buffet, snorkeling gears, and microfiber towels.

By the way, the name of the owner is Rodrigo and not Tay Miloy. Kuya Rod’s wife named the accommodation after her father’s name. I like Kuya Rod! I mean his personality. J He is consistent in replying to my messages and he kept in touch with me on our way to El Nido. P.S. He even gave us a discount! Haha, thanks Kuya Rod! J

Last October, I’m happy to hear from Kuya Rod that they now have new lodges - Tay Miloy Annex and Tay Miloy Transient House with Wi-Fi. He says both new lodges have bigger rooms w/bathroom. He can now accommodate not only backpackers but also a whole family or large group outings as well. It’s nice to see how tourism has improved their family business and their lives.

Kuya Rodrigo's contact number - +6339-4697192

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