Beckoning Baguio: Bucketlist Day 2

August 30, 2013

Baguio City Tour - Day 2


Have you seen the Twilight saga movie? Here’s our local version of its enchanting woods, surround yourself with huge Pine trees!
If you want to go to Camp John Hay via jeep, take a ride at the jeep terminal beside Burnham Park.

Strike an emo-pose, haha!


Welcome and mabuhay!

Appreciate the view of the abandoned mine which was used by early Ifugaos. Splurge on souvenir shopping and food!

Take home some sweet spreads.
MUST-TRY: Take a souvenir photo with one of the friendly St. Bernard dogs OR try wearing some of Igorot’s traditional wardrobe.


Located just beside the Mines View Park’s entrance, this mini museum/souvenir shop is a haven of Cordillera’s craftsmanship and it also has a mini café.

Wood carved life-size ancient Igorots (L-female, R-male)

Mines View can also be seen from the museum.

Pretty owl ear danglings.
Look up! Wind chimes.

This tasted so good that I forgot what it is called. :)
Strawberry Tiramisu - my favorite of all strawberry desserts!

MUST-EAT: Strawberry Tiramisu and black coffee! 

*P.S. There’s no entrance fee. However, one must register at the reception and donate any amount.


Look up!
Bamboo bridge, watch your step!

Also known as the “garden in the sky”, Tam-Awan Village is nestled at the highest peak in Baguio City and is also listed in Lonely Planet’s Philippines edition. It is located at Long-Long Road, Pinsao. In Baguio, you can just take a cab and ask the driver to take you at Tam-Awan Village.

Various flowers are everywhere, have a feast on these colorful blooms. 
This is not a typical museum confined within walls, but an al fresco at top of a hill. One can actually overview the rest of Baguio City upon hiking. Every trail has a story to tell, such as Igorot superstitions, beliefs and culture.

Tam-Awan Village is a total tourist package –a nature-inspired museum, garden, a minor trek and lodging. It has a restaurant, too.

Fog starts to envelope the elevated village by 5 pm. 
wood carved figures of anitos - early Ifugao's demigods.

Traditional Kalinga hut.

"Eight traditional Ifugao homes and two rare octagonal huts were taken apart and reassembled at this artist's village on the northwest edge of the city...

Overlooking the foggy view of South China Sea and some modern homes.

...on a clear day, you can see the South China Sea, hence the name Tam-Awan which means"vantage point". 

- Lonely Planet
Typical home of early Ifugaos.
Inside the traditional hut.
Rice and gongs hang in the entrance of the cafe.
A weave made by Ifugaos and believed to cast evil spirits
The owner's art collections inside his cafe.
Tam - Awan Village is also a lodging place. If you want to experience living like Ifugaos, this is the place to be.

One can stay overnight in this hut, with no TV, Air-condition and other hotel-bedroom stuff but just a bed with blanket and pillows and a bulb for light. Don't worry, comfort rooms are available at the other side, just a few steps away.

For the love of art, pencil portraits are drawn by the local artists with a minimum fee of 150 pesos per person and 300 for 2 persons/couple.

Comfort rooms. For sure, the signs won't mislead anyone.
Captivating piece of art.
Lodging per night only costs PhP500/person, but it has special rates if you go on groups.

For more information, you may contact Tam-Awan Village:
Telephone #: (074) 446-29-49
Tel/Fax #: (074) 442- 55-53
Mobile #: +63921-588-3131

Travel Time: 7 hours
Fare: Php480 – regular
          Php460 – student/senior citizen *just bring an ID for proof

From Pasay City - Book a trip to Baguio at Victory Liner located along EDSA in Pasay, near MRT-EDSA station. Trip to Baguio is scheduled every hour BUT I suggest you book a trip ahead of your choice of departure because trips are fully booked every weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and you don’t want to be delayed or found yourself waiting for hours for the next bus arrival, right? (like what we experienced, gaaah!)

Travel Tip: The rule of thumb, travel as early as possible to save yourself from the ever-annoying traffic jam. Also, it will not prolong the journey. Here’s a time-saving suggestion, book a trip at 11pm so you’ll be in Baguio at 6am. Just sleep during the trip and you’ll be greeted with a winter-cold breeze as you wake up the next day, sounds good? Good.

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