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May 30, 2013

Jump shot with friends!
Summer has never been so much fun without venturing the waves of the beach with your friends and a romantic walk-in-the-sand moment with your love as the sun sets. 

After my college friends had their graduation, we decided to spoil ourselves for a four-day summer vacation in my BFF’s (Best-friend-forever) home in Gloria, Oriental Mindoro and then spend the remaining two days in Puerto Galera.

My friends together with my BFF's mom and grandparents. I'm the one in the left, with long hair. :)

BUT plans are subjected to change or worse, to be broken. Since we’ve run out of money as we wander our first two days in Gloria, my BFF’s uncle suggested to go to Bulaklak Beach in the town of Pinamalyan instead. He even told us that Puerto Galera is too crowded during summer, especially on weekends. 

My BFF’s uncle has his words right, truly, Bulaklak Beach Resort in Pinamalayan is a must-see destination, perfect for those who seek solitude and the beauty of nature at a very cheap price!

Mt. Halcon, Oriental Mindoro

TRIVIA! Oriental Mindoro derived its name from “Mina de oro” which means Mine of Gold, and "Oriental" which means eastern. The western part is Occidental Mindoro, these two provinces is separated by Mt. Halcon.

Bulaklak Beach Resort – Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro
Oriental Mindoro has much to offer when it comes to hidden beaches with white fine sand and pristine waters, one of which is its famous Puerto Galera. However, mainstream beaches are too crowded with tourists that would spoil your very aim to escape – to de-stress.
Why not try to get out of the box and experience the perfect beach getaway without the hustle and bustle of the crowd? 
Rest in the sands and tranquil sights.

Little known to backpackers is the hidden Bulaklak Beach Resort in Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro. It boasts its stretch of white fine sand, an array of coconut trees, crystal clear seawater and a cleaner and greener environment.  
Savoring the beach's pristine waters with my babes! :)

I love going to beaches. Don't forget to seal your skin with SPF!
It also has two swimming pools (1 for kids up to 3 feet and 1 for adults up to 5 feet), shower rooms; nature-inspired cafeteria; kitchen – free use of their utensils; a mini-bar and billiards in the lounge area which is free to use until 10 pm.  
Bulaklak's stretch of fine, white sand.

The resort’s nipa-hut guest rooms are air-conditioned; has two beds (you can ask the receptionist for an extra bed Php100/pc.); has TV with good signal for local channels; the bathroom is white squeaky clean and has shower, toilet with flush and two towels. It has also a balcony with a table where you can dine with the view of the vast ocean instead of eating inside the room. There’s also a grilling pan at the ground which is free to use. The room can accommodate eight persons for just only Php1,500! (2 days and 1 night).

The water's so clear, try snorkeling even without the gears, haha!

Locals in the resort offer a boat ride across the neighboring islet which has white powdery sand for only Php150/head. When the tide gets low at around 4pm, they start to look for some starfish and mussels to sell or to simply cook for dinner.

Boat ride for only 150 pesos, visit the neighboring islet!
Try to hunt for colorful starfishes during low tide. (early morning/afternoon)

TRIVIA! The name Pinamalayan comes from the word "ipinamalay", meaning "made aware or made known.”
Pay a visit and it feels like you own the resort!

Romance is in the air.
The neighboring islet across the beach! Pinamalayan town Fiesta (during May)

*Snorkeling, since the beach boasts its pristine waters.
*Hold the huge starfish (the size of a hand) with bare hands!
*Have a henna tattoo at the Pinamalayan town proper before heading to Bulaklak Beach.
Summer getaway need not to be costly, so enjoy the luxury of a white beach at a very cheap price!

Some pretty shells on shores.

Starfishes with spikes! Friendly afternoon companions.

How to go to Bulaklak Beach Resort in Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro

TIP # 1: I suggest that you should travel early in the morning, preferably 5am to avoid getting stuck in the traffic jam in Metro Manila.

TIP # 2: I also recommend traveling to Pinamalayan by mid-May to enjoy bargain souvenir shopping spree in its festival. Have a henna tattoo for only Php50!
*Travel time from Manila to Bulaklak Beach Resort = Approx. 5-6 hours.

Enjoying the 2-hour ferry boat ride!

From Manila, take a bus bound to Batangas Port in Gil Puyat (Buendia).
Fare = Php200
Travel Time = Approx. 1.5 – 2 hours, depending on the traffic situation

In Batangas Port, buy a ferry boat ticket in the terminal bound to Calapan Port
Fare = Php169 + Php25 (terminal fee)
Travel time = 2 hours

In Calapan Port, walk straight to the van terminal, few meters from the jump-off area and look for a van bound to Pinamalayan.
               Fare = Php60
Travel time = 1 hour

ASK the driver to get you off in the Pinamalyan town proper where you can take a tricycle to Bulaklak Beach Resort, this is only a couple of minutes ride.

TIP # 3: The rule of thumb – travel light. Please secure all of your belongings and bring extra cash for there are no ATM stations in the place. Have a great not-the-usual summer vacay!

Young, wild and free!

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  1. Just to add:

    From Manila, take a bus bound to Batangas Port in Gil Puyat (Buendia).

    Look for a bus that has "DERECHO" signboard. It's a shortcut.

    Choose either Ceres or DLTBCo-cheaper :)

    In Batangas Port, can also ride 2go ferry. it only takes 45 minutes but it costs more though - Php 380

    In Calapan Port, walk straight to the van terminal, few meters from the jump-off area and look for a van bound to Pinamalayan.
    Fare = 100
    Travel time = 1.5- 2hours

  2. Do you have the resort contact number, website or Fb page?

    1. Hi! :)
      I don'y have their contact number anymore but here's what I've found on their FB page: +63 998 332 1116
      Here's the link: